MMSoft: Staff are more responsible and productive

Nguyen My MMSoft

Ms. Nguyen My – CEO, MM Software Co. Ltd (MMSoft) said: “I can see a lot of values. In terms of personality, they (staff) no longer just know computer. They also know the environment. They know how to save, how to reuse what they can reuse. It also makes them be more responsible in their day to day life, therefore their work is improved in terms of productivity, and especially accountability”.

MMSoft is an Australian-owned software development company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and has representative offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. In recent years, they have rapidly grown to become a preferred supplier of IT Services and Business Solutions to corporate customers in Australia, the USA, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam. MMSoft has been named winner of The Best Import/Export Award 2008/2009 from Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) and Australian Chamber of Commerce (AusCham). MMSoft proudly supports Not-for-profit organizations and community schemes that lend a helping hand, bringing happiness to those in need, improving the welfare of society.

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