• New healthy and environment friendly life styles is learned and implemented for individuals, making real impacts to themselves and the environment.
  • Sustainable culture is built up and strengthened to give more support to organization’s sustainability strategy.
  • Networking opportunities are created for learning, sharing and promoting good practices among business communities.


  • Pre-training survey.
  • Customized training courses and practices.
  • Tools and systems for monitoring, evaluation, motivation and reporting.
  • Advanced training for coordinator.
  • Post-training survey.
  • Talks, workshops, networking events, competitions, consultations and supports.


Customized training courses are conducted by real experiencing and practicing in the following topics:

  • Basic of live green.
  • Live healthy (Fitness, Nutrition, Safety).
  • Live joyfully (Peaceful mind).
  • Live kindly (Sharing and helping).
  • Consume smartly (Eating – Cooking, Reduce – Reuse – Recycle, Traveling, Lighting – cooling, Cleaning – washing, Wearing, Gardening, Building, Buying, Entertaining…).
  • Work responsibly.
  • Coordinator training.

Sample of one training section on gardening:

Management requirements:

  • Establish new policy/code of conduct.
  • Setting KPIs for monitoring and evaluation.
  • Coordinator in place.
  • Budget allocation for motivation and award.

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