Live Green is a social enterprise with the mission of bringing more happiness to both current and future generation by promoting green (sustainable) living styles and build up a wide network of green communities.

Live Green is to live in a way which is civilized, humane, sustainable, harmonizing with nature, among individuals, communities, and generations. In other words, “live green” is to live healthy, live joyfully, live kindly, consume smartly and work responsibly.

Our brands:

live green transparent logo-02-02 Live Green provides sustainable business consulting services, focusing on green business culture, energy efficiency and corporate social responsibility (CSR).
song Số is the first and the only social network promoting green living in Viet Nam. Its services are online communication and promotion for green products and business.

Our previous projects:

song xanh cafe Sống Xanh Cafe (Live Green Cafe, 2013-2014): The first true green cafe in town providing green drinks for people, green platform for social and environment events, and a mini shop of green products.
logo Green UP Green UP your life 833x341 px-01 Green UP (2014): Special healthy smoothies delivered to your place.

Our partners:

british-council-logo-2-color-2-page-001-hr Partnership in promoting and supporting social enterprise
 logo-vcci  Partnership in promoting sustainable consumption

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